Build yourself a good online income with Affiliate Marketing

Release Date:- 2022-12-19

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The primary objective of this course is to teach you the skills, knowledge & understanding you need to become successful at Affiliate Marketing, with lots of practice, hard work, and discipline.
Your final assignment awaits you after completing the course where you’ll be tasked to go get at least 5 sales for this Affiliate Marketing course.

If you succeed at this final assignment, if you get at least 5 sales, then you have passed the course and made back what you paid for it + some profit. Furthermore, if you manage to get at least 100 sales for this course, you’ll be rewarded a Certificate of Competence at Affiliate Marketing.
So, complete the course, do the final assignment, and then decide from there what you want to do next. You’re welcome to continue selling our course for us for 50% commission on each sale.

Minimum requirements:

You need a computer or smart phone with access to the internet.

Hungry & Determined to succeed.
Determined to break free from the Matrix.
Warrior mindset.

Discipline / Self-discipline.


Course Level:

This course is suitable for all experience & skill levels, i.e. beginners, experienced, experts.

But especially suitable for beginners at affiliate marketing.

Table of Contents:


Minimum Requirements

Course Level

Course Primary Objective




What Is Affiliate Marketing

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

3 Main Types Of Affiliate Marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing vs Other Online Business Models

How Much Money Can You Make

Content, Platforms, Methods

Email & Copywriting

Marketing Resources Of Affiliate Programs

Building Trust

Organic Traffic & Paid Ads

A Generic "Process Flow" In Affiliate Marketing

Key Points To Help You Become Successful At Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Link Disclaimers

Performance Metrics

Outsourcing Some Tasks

Some Questions To Consider

Recommended Website Hosting Providers

How To Start

Outtro & Your Final Assignment

Your Final Assignment

Your Optional Assignment (Highly Recommended)

Some Plans We Have For The Future

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)